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Please hold all orders untill September 14th we will be open then Bigger and Better then ever

A383 3rd SON Books GI JOE Adventure Team Life Sized Dog Tag Reproduction

$ 6.95

We were asked to do these for a convention a few years back and never found the time...well, who needs a convention! Here they are, brand spanking new! Right from the manufacturer a few days ago! They look just like the original, same color, similar design...well, with out all the pesky names and copy write markings and TMs. Come single bagged with  a 24 inch Nickel plate Steel ball chains. As a kicker, the clasp is marked "Bead Chain" as well!  You can't get much better than this...Oh yeah, it can, these are injection molded plastic. Every single one is professionally manufactured and durable. Not some knock off our of a silicon mold that you make by mixing chemicals together. Once again we have gone through great pains to give you a high quality product that you can enjoy! Finally, the price will not kill you either! Great introductory rate of $6.95 each. That is about 25% of the cost of vintage ones and 1/2 the price of the hand poured and spray painted ones as well!  We have about as many as you will ever need. If, by chance, you do need them for a convention, and want a custom color as well we can take an order but you will have to buy at least 5K of them!

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