Coming Soon to 3rd SON Books!!! September 27 2018

We want to once again say thanks to all our supporters...Without you, we would be wasting our time!

You can see for yourselves what we newly posted since reopening. What you cant see is what is coming soon! So, here is a list!


Coming over from ebay at drastically reduced prices:

Bagged Back Yard Patrol Set.

Custom coffin boxed figure sets with uniforms and accessories.

All items that are listed at a dollar...sometimes for less.


Loaded in the pipe and coming very soon!

AT vinyl life jacket

White Rescue Belt

Black crash crew belt

Black knit cap

Light Desert AT uniform

Emergency Helmet

Small Axe

flash light

Rain Gauge 


Small Medic kits

Dr. Evil Style flocked Club head

And finally...Full sized Training Tower play mat!!!

More magnets (I need to post the magnets!!!)


Thanks again, and as stated on our home page, all orders received between now and December 31st 2018 will receive a small gift as a token of our appreciation for your continued support and it wont just be a candy bar (though you will get a candy bar too while supplies last and if I can remember to pack it and not eat it!