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Welcome to 3rd SON Books On-Line Store of Vintage & Contemporary Books, Toys & Games.


If you have come to this site, it is because you are probably looking for some really cool GI JOE reproductions! 

We continue to make improvements to our store and have many new products coming out very soon. So, if you want to keep on top of what we will be releasing, I suggest you sign up for our newsletter. The list of our items is a bit extensive and more are coming out very soon so keep coming back! Many have asked for more reproduction pieces, but please understand, molds costs are excessive and production costs are still pretty high too. But, if anyone wants to pay to have a custom reproduction item made, either in plastic or material, just let me know as I have professional plastic injection mold companies and 1/6  scale clothing manufacturers available and I am sure we can come to an agreement on terms. This site has an easy checkout shopping cart system and will direct you to the Pay Pal website for payment. We also still accept payment via US PMOs if you would like and offer additional discounts for this method as well!

Now for the fine print!

All toys present on this website, no matter how cool they look, are for adult collectors only. Only those 21 and older will be allowed to purchase items. If you are under the age of 21 please have an adult review these rules before they purchase any item:  No items sold on this website should be used, played with or purchased for anyone under the age of 21. As a result, I can not be held personally responsible for illnesses or personal injuries caused by any of these products as I am a reseller only. I have no money, no house, no bank account and no car in my name. I have nothing of value but my intellectual property and you can’t take my mind away from me no matter how hard you try!  I know nothing of their safety or play worthiness, only their origin and condition at the time of purchase.  All items are reproductions or reissues unless specifically noted as something else.  Quite often, we have more items available for sale than are listed, so if you need a bunch, just email me and I will see what I have in stock for you.

For the most part, we use the USPS for all shipping needs.  We do our best to keep shipping fees as low as possible and all handling charges are included in the price shown at checkout.  All orders placed from outside the Territorial USA will be charged accordingly. All items are checked before shipping for defects.

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Thanks for looking, and come back again real soon!

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