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A096 3rd SON Books Custom Made Professionally Manufactured Footlocker! You choose your style!

$ 37.95 $ 89.95

Item is a brand new 3rd SON Books custom professionally made reproduction of the vintage Footlocker. Vintage ones normally sell in the high 2-3 hundreds and then they are in pretty bad condition. There are many out there that have repainted green lockers and used our repair kits to convert them to look like the vintage ones. We were asked then to make the Aqua and Astro lockers, but our carpenter starting converting old barns into hotel lobbies and got too big for us. After an exhausting search, we actually got a local company in Mahopac NY., to produce these for us and we must say they did a dang good job. Hard ware is about the only difference as we have included a correct tray and the decals are the ones we have been selling non-stop for the last 5 years for those repair kits! They are being sold at a truly low price. Get them now before the prices go through the roof.  

Let me repeat! These are not refurbished green lockers. These are made from brand new wood stock and built from Hasbro specifications. The only difference is that we have to use screw in hardware as it is basically impossible to use the old spiked hardware, not to mention the company that made the hinges is out of business and the ones available are way too small. It takes a 10 ton hydraulic jack to embed the hasps so it is out of the question!


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