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Google+ E014 3SB 2 X GI Joe Adventure Team Footlocker Top Tag Decal Stickers N – 3rd Son Books

E014 3SB 2 X GI Joe Adventure Team Footlocker Top Tag Decal Stickers New!

$ 3.75 $ 4.75

First picture is the live item, second is a vintage one. Great reproduction job by our professional sticker manufacturer. You get two with this auction.

This auction is for two (2) G.I. Joe Top Tag Stickers for the Adventure Team Style Green Footlockers that were produced in the late 70's.   These are a great fit on those footlockers whose tags have frayed, fallen apart or just come off. Price includes 2 stickers. Need more, ask for a discounted rate.  Most of the old stickers have come off over time, so go back and complete your set again or put this new one on that phoney knock off that you accidentally bought... These things are great on school lunch boxes and to customize anything. Or, use them for whatever you want. Please note, these are not the out of focus poorly made and low quality paper stickers that are being sold out there. They are also not the cheapo transparent ones that have been circulated or the paper ones that you have to glue on yourself! I do not make these at home on my laser printer. I get them from a professional company in the USA that specializes in custom made stickers with high quality and experience behind them. They are also not farmed out to some shop in India either. BUY from the guy you can trust.  These are paper backed Vinyl stickers that are very very easy to peel from their backing. 


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