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Google+ C001 3SB GI Joe Custom White Tiger Hunt Plain Jacket New! – 3rd Son Books

C001 3SB GI Joe Custom White Tiger Hunt Plain Jacket New!

$ 7.95 $ 8.75

Item is a brand 3rd SON Books Custom Manufactured GI JOE White Tiger Hunt jacket top only. Spitting image of the first edition vintage ones. Plain, no emblem or bullets. We went to great pains to have these meticulously reproduced from the originals by a highly qualified professional manufacturing company.  These are great to make your set look stock again, for customizing or for any of your joe needs! Vintage ones are untouchable as far as the price is concerned and are usually moth eaten with stains. Walmart AT uniforms traditionally sell for as high as 30 bucks a piece.These are 99% identical to the original (we have been asked to make sure they can not be passed off as vintage by the collecting community but I doubt anyone but a real joe professional will be able to tell the difference-I mean except for our tag.)


We know many people just need pieces or parts so we are making the jacket and pants available alone for sale in this manner. Full sets are still available!

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